What to Expect During Home Rewiring Projects

When many homeowners think of rewiring their entire home, they often put the project to the side and avoid the hassle and stress of an entire home rewiring project. While it is a big task that can be complex depending on the home, your building will be much safer with proper wiring installed.

What’s Involved in Home Rewiring?

One of the reasons homeowners hesitate to get electrical wiring installation in Valdosta, GA is because they believe it will greatly disrupt their lives and daily routine. While this is a valid concern, modern technology has made it easier to stay in the home while work is being done. Each project is different, so let’s look at some of the general steps you may encounter during rewiring.

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Go Under the Home

In the past, electricians would need to lift the carpeting or floorboards of a home. However, nowadays, electricians will simply work within the crawl space and flooring is left untouched, even if the home is not built on a raised foundation.


Chasing is when an electrician cuts holes in the walls to run cables throughout the home. This is often the messiest part of rewiring a home, but electricians have figured out how to make the process easier and often can avoid this step entirely, though it depends on the home and the electrical company.

Living in the Home During Rewiring

It’s completely possible to stay in your home while it is being rewired. However, the work may be completed faster if there is no other individual in the household during the project. Ask electricians about the steps they take to keep your home intact during rewiring.

Using this information, you’ll be more prepared for your own home rewiring project and can get through it with ease and confidence.