The Best Process In Cleaning A Restroom

There are many public restrooms that we come across that can be considered clean and others just a total nightmare.  When we judge how clean a restaurant or other facility to be, we judge it by the cleanliness of a bathroom.  This is why it is so important that restroom sanitization los angeles be done to ensure that these facilities run to their ultimate ability. 

State law

By state law every bathroom needs to be working in order to have a business operate.  When creating a building or starting a business, the owner of the business will have rules that need to be followed by code enforcement. If these rules are not followed, then a business will not be allowed to open and if it is opened, may be forced to shut down.

Empty the trash

The first thing that needs to be done is the trash needs to be dumped on a regular basis.  This can be once a day or in some situations several times a day.  When we have properly maintained trash cans we don’t have to worry about trash overflowing onto the floors causing major issues.

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Wash Toilets

The toilets should be cleaned at least twice a day – first at the start of the shift and once again at the end of the shift.  There may be situations where the toilets need to be cleaned more than this but depending on the situation it will vary.

Wipe down all surfaces

You want to make sure that all the surfaces are wiped down and sanitized.  If someone comes in and doesn’t wash their hands before or after using the bathroom these germs can spread all over the bathroom.  Making sure that all surfaces are cleaned will help reduce that spread.

Sweep and mop

At the end of the day you want to sweep and mop the floors.  This way the room will be ready for the next day’s customers.